International Course

Do You want to take part of a new and vibrant education on the cutting edge of classical ballet and contemporary dance? Welcome to Stockholm and the Royal Swedish Ballet School - an institution with a 250-year history of the performing arts.

International Course at The Royal Swedish Ballet School

Competitors of the Prix de Lausanne, age 17–19, are offered a place in our one year scholarship in ballet or contemporary dance within the Upper Secondary Schools´ framework. The one year course in dance is offered with free tuition.

We are proud to offer You

  • An education where the artistic and physical training go hand in hand to reach the professional standard and demands of today's dance scene.
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Excellent facilities such as 11 studios, our own fully equipped theatre, gym, physiotherapy, library, and a school restaurant.
  • Close collaboration with The Royal Swedish Ballet, Göteborgsoperans Danskompani as well as international schools and dance companies.

Subjects Studied within the International Course

The Ballet course

  • Classical Ballet
  • Ballet coaching
  • Pas de deux
  • Ballet Repertoire on a regular basis. More frequently when rehearsing for performances
  • Contemporary dance
  • Improvisation/composition

All students gain performance experience throughout the course of study

The Contemporary course

  • Contemporary dance
  • Classical ballet
  • Jazz dance
  • Improvisation/composition
  • Partnering
  • Contemporary Repertoire on a regular basis. More frequently when rehearsing for performances.

All students gain performance experience throughout the course of study

The course is set but maybe in special circumstances be adjusted by the artistic management.

Regarding theoretical studies, the school offers:

  • Basic studies in the Swedish language
  • Basic studies in the English language (for students who have not studied the English language)
  • The school offer facilities such as a study place for those students who wish to study on distance.
  • Studies in voice training, entrepreneurship, choreography are also available.

The school has the right to dismiss a student if the course plan is not followed.

Duration & Outline

Students at the International Course are offered to stay for one year. The school year starts mid August and finishes in June. In Sweden all students have a midterm holiday in October, Christmas Holidays from the end of December until first week of January, a week off in February and a week off at Easter.

The International students are obliged to go home for the Christmas Holiday as the dormitory is closed.


International students attending the course are offered to stay at The Royal Swedish Ballet School´s dormitory at a cost of SEK 5.000 per month. The fee is to be paid either:

  1. In total (SEK 50.000) at school start,
  2. Divided in two (SEK 25.000 fall/spring term).

An invoice will be distributed to the parents from The City of Stockholm.

The dormitory is located 20 minutes from school with metro and the students receive a card for public transport for free. Included in the charge is a shared room with bathroom, staff around-the-clock, breakfast and dinner on schooldays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends, laundry facilities and premises such as living room and kitchen.

On schooldays (Monday thru Saturday) lunch and afternoon snack are served at school free of charge.

All non-Swedish students attending the International Course must have a complete medical and dental insurance arranged before arriving in Sweden.

The Royal Swedish Ballet School has a wide range of pointe shoes and soft shoes in the shoe room. We do want the International students to benefit from professional fittings while at school. Pointe shoes and soft shoes are included in this offer (except Gaynors that cost 800 skr).

All students regardless of nationality are included in the regulations of the Swedish school law.