Students who do not have Stockholm as their home base, are offered to stay at the Royal Swedish Ballet School’s Dormitory.

The students admitted to the vocational dance education in Upper Senior School or the one-year International Dance Course (IDS) are guaranteed a room at the
dormitory.Included in the fee is

  • a shared room with bathroom
  • staff around-the-clock
  • breakfast and dinner on schooldays
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends
  • laundry facilities and premises such as common living rooms and kitchen.

Free wireless internet is available throughout the dormitory and school.

Located in Skärholmen

The dormitory is in Skärholmen, close to the underground station Skärholmen, about 20 minutes ride from school. Both Skärholmen and Mariatorget, where the school is located, are underground stations along the Red Line. ,

The dormitory entrance is opposite the underground entrance.