This is the Royal Swedish Ballet School

The Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm educates becoming dance artists all the way from the first tentative steps in the elementary school grade 4 to the day when the graduating student meets professional life.

The program aims to give a professional artistic knowledge in dance production and to explore the body's endless opportunities for expression. We give
our students a fundamental knowledge of the body and its infinite possibilities of movement. After Junior Schools preparatory dance training, our students apply to be admitted to Upper Secondary School vocational dance training. We are proud to offer an education where the artistic and physical training go hand in hand to reach the professional standard and demands of today's dance scene.

Both Junior School and Upper Secondary School are national educations. The vocational dance education is fully integrated in the daily theoretical schedule and performed 6 days a week.

Within the Upper Secondary School's framework the specially developed course for professional dancers provides a complete professional education in dance combined with the essential theoretical subjects. The third year of the vocational program consists of dance subjects with an even stronger
emphasis on the development of the complete artistic and professional aspects of the art of dance. 

The Dance education at The Royal Swedish Ballet School is led by a combined artistic and educational direction.


The Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm is located in the Munich
brewery, Münchenbryggeriet, that until 1971 was a working brewery. 1974 the city of Stockholm took over premises. After many political tours with varied proposals for the building's future it was finally decided to include the locating of a school in the premises.

The new premises were custom designed for The Royal Swedish Ballet School. The school currently has 11 dance studios and 8 theory halls.

Riddarfjärdsteatern, the Royal Swedish Ballet School's own theatre, can host 260 guests.

There is a library, a pleasant dining room, two music rooms, a computer room and a well-equipped gym where students can perform their rehab training in case of injuries.


The Royal Swedish Ballett School collaborates with several national and international partners. 

Teachers and other staff

The dance teachers of The Royal Swedish Ballet School all have a background from the dance profession and they all have a teachers training education. Some of them also have the Swedish teacher certificate.

Our staff continuously attends further education regarding the latest updates and research on elite training for young students.

The theoretical teachers are all qualified teachers and they all have the Swedish teacher certificate.

Study abroad with Erasmus

As a student with us, you have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus program. Erasmus is a European exchange program where you can complete your studies and internships in Europe. The program is between 2–12 months.