Go abroad with Erasmus

As a student with us, you have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus program. Erasmus is a European exchange program where you can complete your studies and internships in Europe.

The program is between 2–12 months.

Student via the Erasmus program

As a student via the Erasmus program, you study at a college or university under the same conditions as other students although you do not have to pay any tuition fees. In addition, you will receive a scholarship from the European Commission that covers additional costs in connection with your stay abroad. However, this is not comprehensive.

Internship via the Erasmus program

You can also choose to do your internship within Erasmus at a company or organization. You receive a scholarship that covers parts of your stay abroad.

This counts as an internship

  • A full-time internship located at a company, organization or training and research center in a program country that is part of Erasmus.
  • Full-time data collection for an essay and / or dissertation located at a company, school, lab, hospital, or clinic.
  • In some cases, essay writing placed at a higher education institution can be counted as an internship.
  • In the case of full-time work for 60 to 360 days, work-based education (VFU) can be counted as an internship.

Read more about Erasmus at the Erasmus website.